Grove: a study (installation)

Grove: a study (front view), various media, 2020.
Photograph, silver gelatine paper negative, 8″x10″, 2019.
Mural, ink-jet print, 92″x 78″, 2020.

Audio Sample (digital recording), full recording 9:32 min, 2019.

Two photographs, audio, an embroidered textile, and a series of photograms to form a multi-media installation that records my intensive study of a small stand of trees located in Southern Manitoba. Each artwork denotes an individualised materiality and associated process that present a different interpretation of this prairie grove. The photographs and audio document the sights and sounds that I perceived on-site, while the embroidery and photograms depict my ruminative sewing process as I attempt to translate my experience of that place. When viewed together, the artworks form various complementary and evolving depictions that allude to my reflections as I analyse how I perceive, record, and interact with this grove and the greater Canadian landscape. 

Version français à venir.