Sky Study

My photographic series Sky Study explores the psychological impact of colour, texture, and tone in minimalist sky imagery. To me, this series represents the healing from loss : loss of a home, its people, its landscapes, its reality. In these photographs, I began to manipulate the images to generate the emotional distance that I craved. I focused in on the photograph to the point where the image begins to blurs. This loss of photographic detail, mimics the softening of memories: details are lost and leave only formless meditations of the past. All that remains in the photograph is layers of texture and tones of blue. My Sky series celebrates this universal blue: a colour, a space where we can dream, remember, meditate, heal.



The Northern Landscape Study is a long-term project where I photograph multiple Canadian Arctic and Subarctic regions and record the traces left by people as they lived in these landscapes. With this photographic archive, I dismantle the prevailing idea of Canada’s North as a pristine untouched frontier, a viewpoint often cultivated by the sublime photographs found in northern geographical and tourism magazines. I, a self-identified northerner, present a more realistic view of Canada’s Arctic and Subarctic as a place inhabited by a variety of peoples and a landscape rich in history and culturally complex. As I photograph these northern landscapes, I concentrated on the imprints left by the North’s various inhabitants. In turn, the type and scope of these traces point at these different peoples’ relationship with the Land and gives insight into their intentions, their social values, and their worldviews.

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